Our Friends

We would like to THANK people who helped to set up, develop and run NEPCO. Their positive energy, passion, creativity and help were, are, and will be priceless for the organisation. Thank you and please feel welcome to continue co-operation with us!

Our Friends:

Anna Fraszczyk - NEPCO co-founder and 2B magazine creator. Chairperson in years 2007-2008, started and coordinated many projects; NEPCO representative in our contacts with local authorities, organsations and companies. During last 4 years she was the one who made us smile and go forward. Anna still supports NEPCO as a volunteer.

Carole Y. - our voluntary PR person working in Newcastle Civic Centre, and our friend; Carole helped us a lot with legal, financial and formal issues - she still does that. Carole also helped 2B on several occasions to get through hard times and carry on.

Dominik - graphic designer, he designer a poster promoting Polish Film and Art Day organised by NEPCO and PUK in October 2007

Dawid D. - with his own initiative he printed, copied and distributed one of the 2B issues to his Polish colleagues at work in Consett.

Dawid G. - graphic designer, he designed membership cards for NEPCO.

Kevin R. - first person in Newcastle who heard about Polish organisation initiative. He wrote an article to 2B about 'Geordies'.

Kasia Szawara - NEPCO secretary for the first 6 months, co-ordinator of many events, picnics, Edu Day and author of a few articles in 2B. Currently providing support to Polish Saturday School in voluntary capacity as a finance assistant.

Marta Rzepecki - one of NEPCO co-founders, Treasurer and then Secretary between 2007-2011, author of articles about taxes and benefits in first few 2b issues, coordinator of children and family events, supported setting up and running Polish Saturday School in its first year, first contact person and our website administrator. Received Newcastle Enterprise Award for her continuous involvement and supporting NEPCO and Polish School.

Marta Zielinska - chairperson of NEPCO for first 6 months. Thanks to her initiative NEPCO has good relations with many institutions/organisations in the city. She coordinated Celebrating Diversity project and How to set up your own business workshops. She was one of the creators of 2B magazine.

Pawel Scibior - one of NEPCO co-founders, treasurer and first committee member, project coordinator, shared with us many brilliant ideas and constructive criticizm.

SES - Bob and Toni - two brilliant people who helped us to take our very first steps as community interest company, supporting us since October 2008 and resolving various issues with paperwork, taxes, procedures, law, etc.

Simon U. - one of the first people in Newcastle who heard about Polish organisation in the area. He helped NEPCO initiatives linking integration with other cultures. Together with two NEPCO representatives he went to London to give presentation about Good practice seminar describing co-operation of Newcastle City Council with NEPCO.

Szymon Wierzchowski - NEPCO co-fouder and project coordinator; involved in organizing local trips, our very first driver, author of hundreds priceless photographs taken during our events and meetings.